Training for Lifting Device Operations


On Jul. 17th 2016, Deetop engaged Master Huang who has rich experience in lifting device operations as the trainer for the relevant knowledge training to enhance workerˊs acquaintance of lifting device operating risks, the dangerous sources, operating requirements, daily checking, maintenance, and slings etc. The participant trainees are the sole-duty safety supervisors, team leaders, assistant safety personnel and all staff of the Production Department.

Before the start of training, Master Huang went to the workshop for the working condition check of the lifting devices and slings together with all the participants. He taught them with the ways of how to recognize the potential risks by asking. Later, he detailed introduced the theoretical solutions for the problems they found in the workshop, and provided information for the lifting device and slings operating risks, dangerous sources, operating requirements, daily checking, and maintenance, etc.

The participants fully acquaint the risks and precautions of lifting devicesˊoperating through the training, which plays a guide role for the later works. Meanwhile, Deetop will insist to hole the similar trainings irregularly to standardize the lifting device operations.