Deetop Environmental Technology Company attended the 2nd China International Conference on Solid Waste Utilization and Eco-materials meeting


In July 16th,2016, Deetop Environmental Technology Company sent 2 representatives to attend the 2nd China International Conference on Solid Waste Utilization and Eco-materials meeting which held by The Chinese Ceramic Society, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing (branch of Solid waste) in Xijiao Hotel Beijing.

The meeting involved in the solid waste area including industry and mining, metallurgy, municipal administration, construction, hazard, agriculture, organic and so on. On the meeting, experts of scientific research institutions from China and overseas, professors of universities gave their academic reports, main content is comprehensive utilization of fly ash, construction waste, slag and gypsum. Academician Xu Delong, mentioned to promote green manufacturing, build green home, principles of cyclic development and intensive development, green manufacturing is a closed circuit system. Professor of University of Science and Technology Beijing, gave the speech of high value-added and major innovation using of mine tailing, and summarized the problems for mine tailing as staple products, such as low added-value, fine particle sizes. High value-added production can be used in production of high performance concrete, sleeper material, combine red mud to produce jelling compaction material.

During the meeting, especially the report of integrated utilization of mine tailing resource, has guiding significance to our company in mine tailing deep processing research and products development direction. Mining tailing`s particle size is too fine to make construction gravel aggregate, but it can be used for deep processing products such as high performance tailings powder concrete admixture, filling material and ceramsite which has little requirement for fineness.