Industry-University-Research Cooperation Agreement on Mine Ecological Restoration


     On April, 28th , the president of Deetop Group, the General Manager of Deetop Environmental Technology ( DET ) Co.,Ltd and the vice manager of Department of Policy and intellectual property Management of DET went to Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology ( IAE ), Chinese Academy of Sciences, discussing matters on Industry-University-Research Cooperation.
    The general manager introduced the project achievements in the fields of enterprise organization, main business field and mine ecological restoration. The researcher from IAE introduced the basis, principle and direction of cooperation, emphasizing the establishment of industry-university-research cooperation featuring all-round, deep-level and multi-form.
     The two sides has signed the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Agreement on Mine Ecological Restoration Between Shenyang Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Deetop Environmental Technology ( DET ) Co.,Ltd. This agreement has laid a solid foundation for long-term cooperation between IAE and DET.