Deetop Group Participated in CIPF


      The 11th China International Patent Fair (CIPF) was held in Dalian Xinghai Exhibition Center with the theme of “Science and Technology leading the Development of High-Quality Industry”. This exhibition tour was initiated by Deetop Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, and joined together by Deetop Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd and Deetop Engineering Co.,Ltd. Led by Gao Fei, GM of Deetop Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, Qu Ming, Deputy GM of Deetop Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd and Zhao Xiaojiang, Deputy GM of Deetop Engineering Co.,Ltd respectively, more than 10 people have participated in this fair. On this 3-day fair, there are over 6100 projects of more than 1500 enterprises, institutions and related organizations including 29 scientific research institutions of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 43 universities from 26 countries and regions.
      For our small and medium-sized enterprises, there is still a long way to go to promote the commercialization of patents to the market, and it is particularly important to find our own core competitiveness in the market.