National Mine Park of Haizhou Open Mine of Fu Xin set to build Road along Mine Pit



On the afternoon of December 9th, Zhang Tiemin, the secretary of Fuxin municipal committee, chaired a special meeting, hearing the report that building road along Haizhou open mine pit.  

Zhang stressed in his speech, to further refine the program, to do a thorough preparatory work , to lay a good foundation for the National Mine Park in Haizhou open mine pit road construction. To find out the road area involved housing, enterprises, factories, mines and others as soon as possible, enact a relocation plan, clear the time arrangement. To delineate the functional zone of industrial sites, to strengthen cultural and creative thought, and demonstrate the use of the site, effectively protect and make use of old workshop buildings, steam locomotives and coal mining equipment.

Zhang said, expedite to establish an engineering command center, to perform a good management to National Mine Park of Haizhou open mine, strive to build a disaster management and environmental restoration demonstration project. Fuxin group, related counties and departments need strengthen coordinate and cooperate, wisely divide the labor effort to speed up the progress of work, to ensure the road project started on schedule. 

Source: Fuxin Municipal Bureau of Land