The ecological restoration project of Dongbao mine wasteland has steadily pushed forward.


In recent days, FK20, FK21 abandoned mines in Guan Miao Gang Village, Ma He Town, Dongbao District, where large excavator grabbed tons of debris from the high, turned and filled to the low-lying pit; in the distance a few vehicles travel back and forth to load dirt, covered on the surface of formation of the earth and rock. Since the shut off the old Huang Dang mine, and Xie Wan coal mine in Guan Miao Gang Village, a total of 145 acres of mining wasteland has formed. In order to eliminate the goaf, waste, life rubbish that may bring safety issue, ensure the mine is in a relatively stable state, Dongbao District decided to conduct a comprehensive remediation on two mines. Organized by the city investment company, Chu Zhong Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. of the District Road Bureau is responsible for construction of ecological restoration. After masonry dismantled, waste removal, surface covered with soil, farmland leveling and ploughing of ecological restoration, the abandoned mines have taken on a new look.

The ecological restoration of abandoned mine in Guan Miao Village is only a microcosm of mine ecological restoration work in this area. In Dongbao District, there is a large number of mines with wide area. During the peak period, there were nearly 300 enterprises of mining, mining paste, mining ore, etc. Due to years of exploiting, left a large number of abandoned mines with mine pit and slag field, causing a certain impact on the ecological environment. To further standardize the order of mineral resources development, Dongbao adhered to the classification guidance and comprehensive management simultaneously, vigorously implemented mine remediation and ecological restoration project, the region’s mining wasteland ecological restoration project was steadily push forward.

In 2008, 20 suburban quarries in the center city were closed without payment during the dust pollution renovation. At that time, there was no deposit fund management system for implementation the mine and geological environment restoration, enterprises do not have the actual deposit fund, later on, getting special funds of 14 million yuan from province and city to perform geological environment recovery treatment, to be completed before June 2016 to Tangkou facade recover and remediate 7 closed quarries; at the same time, getting the city and district government approval to take the fund from these two authorities, use the mineral resource compensation fee, mining rights use fee and mining rights shared revenue to complete the restoration for the remaining 13 quarries.

10 closed coal mines temporarily not yet restore the geological environment, but corporate had a deposit fund of 16.95 million yuan, formulated the “Dongbao District closed coal mine geological environment restoration work procedure” , which requested companies to prepare and implement restoration program before December 2016 for restoration and management. After acceptance, the deposit fund will be reimbursed to corporate. For those mines with overdue no restoration or restoration not meet the requirements, will perform in accordance with “Deposit fund management approach of Hubei Province mines geological environment restoration project”, through public bidding to use of mining enterprises deposit fund to perform restoration.

In 2008, 5 closed gypsum mine in Zi Ling Pu, their exploitation led to 1.2 million square meters of goaf area, this year, the area declared the implementation of 2 million yuan of geological deformation monitoring and warning project, to provide technical support for disaster prevention and emergency. Meanwhile, declared the province’s gypsum mine goaf area as comprehensive management pilot demonstration projects, to get 6 million yuan, to take method of roofing, filling or blasting compaction, finally eliminate the hidden trouble, proceed ground treatment, after getting successful experience, declaration of the national project, to perform management and restoration.

5 quarries in Chen Shan Village, Pai Lou Town, and Zeng Miao Village, Zi Ling Pu Town, acted as experimental unit, entrust a qualified units to investigate the situation of mine geological environment, drawn up 2015-2017 mine geological environment restoration plan, carry out exploitation and restoration simultaneously and perform stage management. Experience gained through the experimental unit, by the end of 2016,method of exploitation and restoration simultaneously and perform stage management will cover 15 mining enterprises to form normal mechanism, to prevent the emergence of new geological environmental damage. 

Source: Jing Men Daily