Mining Ecological Restoration Means Protecting Mining Ecology and Developing Mine Industry on the Premise of Environment Ecological 



Laochang Town is the hinterland of Gejiu City for the mineral resources. So the mineral economy has written the legend of Laochang once ever.

When resource depletion is a foregone conclusion and the crowds who seeking their dream in the mountains leave there left nothing except several deep and cold mines in the hilltop of Laochang.

It is really old like the abandoned factories on the mines.

However, the persons here are still alive with updated thoughts and idea.

They hold with hoes and shovels and back with seedlings and fertilizer towards to the scarred and battered mines; expand the steps of protecting mining ecology and developing mine industry on the premise of environment ecological.

In 2004, the Ladachong gob in Laochang Town has been regarded as the mining ecological treating project by the territory resources department in Gejiu. After the local residents were instructed by the forestry authorities, thousands of cypress and cryptomeria fortune saplings were transported to Ladachong area in the rainy season of that year. And the planting scale was enlarged year by year, several years later, the planting area on the slope and hills near to Ladachong up to 14000 mu.

It is still the same mountain, however, now there are few deep mines in Ladachong but the forest with a cloud of cypress and cryptomeria fortune. The pure green color can erase our memory of here is an old mine with an exploitation history of thousand years.

Reforestation in large-scale is the obligation for ecological civilization constructing but the a developing road to achieve greening hills and enriching populace for Laochang Town. 

In determining ”Protecting Mining Ecology and Developing Mine Industry on the Premise of Environment Ecological” is the only way of developing for Laochang Town, it launched a large-scale afforestation action in its jurisdiction since 2004.

The forestry ecological construction point here is afforestation, transformation, and escalation. 

The afforestation work contract with each village; the task decomposed to each group; and fulfill the rewards and punishment to with home. It got remarkable achievement for barren hill afforestation and rock-desertification treatment. By the end of April this year, the total afforestation area up to 52,000 mu, accounting for 50% of the total forest area. It means ”afforestation“. 

A wave of planting and greening was raised by the implement of reforming the system of collective forest rights. The afforestation area up to 6000 mu in Bailongjing in 2007, 8000 mu in Axizai and Malutang in 2009, and 3000 mu in Mudengdong in 2010. The protection forest area up to 10000 mu in 2011; in 2012, there are 8600 mu for the rock-desertification treatment project, achieved the afforestation area up to 35600 mu; in 2014, the forest tending project was launched in large-scale in the new afforestation area of Ladachong, Malutang, and Axizai, totally for 6000 mu approx.. It means “Transformation”.

In order to meet the need of ecotourism development, the planting area for cherry tree, peach tree, apple tree, and plum tree up to 2000 mu in Xiaodapo, Duimenshan, Daqing and Malutang Village successively. It forms an economic forest landscope with various species, different levels, polychromatic color, and multi- functions, which effectively promoted the development of tourism and agriculture harvesting. It means ”Escalation“. 

The forest coverage rate of Loachang Town is only 14% in 2004 but now it up to 50.7%.

Obviously, Loachang positively concentrated on the forestry ecological construction in the past ten years. It, in the strait of mine-resources exhausted, actually chose the way of transformation in that ten years. Now, they build a healthy home with green mountains and blue sky by their efforts and sweats.


Original: China Financial News