Liaoning Province Received 4.75 Million Dollars Grant Funds to Treat the Polluted Fields

On October 19th, the reporter learns from the Environmental Protection Department of Liaoning Province that the kick-off meeting of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) –for “the Polluted fields treating project in China” will be held in Shenyang recently. Liaoning Province and Chongqing Province are the first trial batch in China and respectively obtain project grants for the polluted fields treating.

It is known that the project execution agreement has been signed between the Foreign Cooperation Center of Environment Protection Department and The Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau in Liaoning. As the first executive trial province, Liaoning was granted 4.75 million dollars to treat the polluted fields. The polluted fields refer to the sites that contain with hazardous substance which threat the humanˊs health or environment actually or potentially.

Origin: Liaoning Daily