Our province recovered the mining geological environment in an area of 46000 mu in 4 years
Recently, the Datanghe River Quarry of Liaoyang City has attracted thousands of visitors each day, which is a wasted mine pit frequently floods and geologic hazards before, but through two phases of environmental restoration projects, it turned back to a much beautiful film playing site and sightseeing spot with hundreds acres of blooming lotus .

Since 2012, the Land and Resource Department of Liaoning Province positively implement mining geological environment treatment project to achieve mining ecological environment improvement. In the recent four years, it used capital of 2.37 billion RMB to restore 46000 mu of mining geological environment.  The treated mining geological disasters calculated to 757, the landscape up to 83, and the restored vegetation to 36000 mu. The wasted mines recovered to green again.

Meanwhile, we establish new system of mining environment restoration and protection as per the principle of “ treating by the developer “ to avoid the deterioration of the ecological environment and monitor the mine enterprises carry out the work of mining environment protection and treatment. The province arranged the special funds of 8.7 billion RMB to carry out the restoration work for the province’s highways, closed mines on both sides of the railways, etc., including the treatment of closed pit mines for 230, of the production mines for 616, with the totally area of 72,500 mu,  which significantly improved the mining environment. 

In the period of “ the 13th Five-year Plan”, Liaoning Province will still proceed mining environment treatment by establishing “Mine Geologic Environment Treatment Records”and “Mine Credit Records”as well as enhancing the self-restricting system of mining environment treatment to let the mines recover to green of Liaoning Province. 

Origin: China Territory Resource News