Company Profile


Dalian DeeTop Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd is subordinated to Dalian Deetop Industry Group. The company adopts complete new recycling-type mine rehabilitation concept; integrates advanced technology resources at home and abroad and forms multiterm of proprietary intellectual property rights. Using new-type mine rehabilitation technical route, we re-extract full component of valuable element from resources and develop deep processed products by re-extracting tailings resources to realize mineral resources comprehensive utilization. And we also take advantage of advanced rehabilitation technology to eliminate soil contamination caused by heavy-metal and reagent to maximize value of repaired land. Our mode avoid safety risks due to traditional ways of mine rehabilitation, and indeed realize the “once for all results “of taillessness and harmless without any hidden trouble.

Till now there two business lines: Recycling-type mine rehabilitation project and Tailing ponds expansion project. DET Company concentrates on the technical researches of mining environment restoration and technical services on environmental project as well as the provision of the whole solutions for the mining wasteland, including tailing pond, bulldozers field, rock stripping zone, and industrial sites, etc.

Equipped with professional environmental protection development and resulting team, we established long-term strategic cooperation relations with domestic and overseas research institutions and the soil restoration enterprises. DET owns over 40 items of proprietary technology, integrates over 20 well-known and professional soil restoration enterprises at home and abroad. 

With the principle of “Green Mines, Recycling Economy” and the spirit and attitude of “Profession, Concentration, Specialization” ,we are trying our best to realize the goal of “Recycling Type Mining Rehabilitation, Building Green Home”.